Measles and NCEA Exams

By Jill Armstrong | Posted: Wednesday October 23, 2019

We are aware that the measles outbreak is still a real risk to our community and unfortunately this is likely to continue over the exam period. We have received information, which you will find below, from NZQA regarding this risk. Please keep us informed at school of any concerns regarding your child and this illness.

· Schools, along with the local Medical Officer of Health, are responsible for deciding that a student cannot attend school where they believe on reasonable grounds that the student may have measles. This includes attendance at any school to sit NZQA exams.

· If a student is not allowed to attend an exam because they may have measles, the Principal’s Nominee will need to notify NZQA and ask for unexpected event grades to be awarded. Evidence that the student was not able to attend the exam must be provided.

Note: unexpected event grades are not available for NZ Scholarship exams.

· All students are expected to sit their exams UNLESS they have been instructed not to attend by the school or the local Medical Officer of Health. Making a personal decision to stay home to avoid risk will not be grounds for an unexpected event grade to be awarded.

· NZQA is jointly responsible with the school for the health and safety of the exam supervision staff, students and other people who may come into contact within the Exam Centre. Therefore, NZQA is not able to provide individual supervision or isolated accommodation for students who have been required to stay at home by a Medical Officer of Health or by their school’s Principal.