Homestays Wanted

By Nicki Ridden-Angus | Posted: Monday May 9, 2022

Kavanagh College is looking for caring families to host our international students for short and long term from July 2022.

This is a fantastic opportunity not only for our International students, who will experience the kiwi lifestyle, but also families will also have the pleasure of learning about other cultures whilst building lifelong relationships.

Host families receive a generous allowance during their stay which can range between four weeks to up to a year or more.

To find out more about this fantastic opportunity for a rewarding, fun and intercultural experience, please email: or phone our homestay coordinator on: 03 4773408 

Please read this lovely history from one of our Homestay families:

"We had our first international student at the start of 2018.

He was a lovely 16 year old from Brasil. He really integrated himself into our family and it was not long until he was one of us. He participated in all family events [and was a much better cook than me].

His family all came and stayed with us for a week and we all travelled around the South Island together. We have since been and spent time in Brasil with his family. Now, every two years we have a pact to meet someone where in the world together.

The experience of having a homestay student has been wonderful for our family and has opened up a world of opportunity for us.

I highly recommend having a homestay student – it is such a rewarding experience"

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