Science Enrichment Experiences at Kavanagh

By Kerron Thomson | Posted: Wednesday November 13, 2019

Over the next few weeks, as we head towards the end of the term, we are excited to be hosting 10 visits from our contributing schools.

As part of the COL we have had the Year 5 and 6 students take part in the SEEK program (Science Enrichment Experiences at Kavanagh). 

The aim is to support our primary colleagues in teaching the science curriculum and give students some practical experience. The main focus of this course was to investigate physical and chemical reactions. 

Visits this term add to the previous lesson of slime making and have seen students have fun with completing a range of practicals with dry ice, conducting flame tests and testing various common substances for pH. 

 Kate Gilmore has developed an outstanding program that we hope to look at continuing in the future. A lot of fun has been had by all.

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