James Wong, Hong Kong, Year 13

By James Wong | Posted: Friday November 4, 2016

I cannot. I truly cannot imagine how I'll be feeling when I step out of Kavanagh College for the very last time.

Time waits for no one. After these 24 hours, I will no longer be a high school student. I have been studying in Kavanagh College for 3 years. I never regretted and I will never regret to choose to study in Kavanagh College. Those three years had taught me a lot. I have acquired knowledge of being strong, being fearless, being beautiful. Kavanagh also taught to believe that anything is possible when we have faith in ourselves. The ephemeral joy of my Kavanagh life is precious, is felicity, is gorgeous. There is nothing can replace my memories in Kavanagh College.

I am aware of after I step out of Kavanagh College, there is a bigger world for me to see, for me to discover. Nevertheless, I am not scared because everything that I learnt in this school will become my flesh, become my energy to keep me going, and it will always support me whenever I fall. 

 Overall Kavanagh College is a wonderful school with lots of opportunities for everyone. I believe it will give everyone countless impressive and unforgettable experiences, just like how Kavanagh gave me those memories. I am proud of being one of the students at Kavanagh.

Thank you very much all the teachers, especially our ESOL teacher ;-)