Maria Ellen Da Silva, Brazil, Year 12

By Maria Ellen Da Silva | Posted: Sunday November 1, 2015

Before I came here I was very excited but also at the same time I was sad. I would stay so far from my family, my friends, everything, but I knew that it could be a unique opportunity for me, so I am here now.

It is wonderful the sensation and feelings that this travel brought, the feeling of fear does not exist anymore, everything has a meaning and a goal.

Before I was without confidence but now things are different. The exchange brought instant confidence for me, I learned to be more responsible, to have more respect for other people and other ethnicities, because NZ has many people from many places. The exchange provided the first opportunity to travel by plane, to make my own decisions without my parents so I evolved as a person in a short time.

I can say that I am in love with New Zealand. This country is awesome, with majestic landscapes , educated people, some cold days but that’s OK, with beautiful gardens to visit with your friends , beautiful sunsets at the end of the afternoon. New Zealand is a wonderful country to live.

About what will I remember? I will remember everything, because there are no ways to forget the people, the school, the places and unique opportunities that were wonderful. I hope to come back one day with my family and friends, to show every place that I went and to say as New Zealand is wonderful.