Intermediate Futsal

By Bede O'Callaghan | Posted: Wednesday December 4, 2019

On Tuesday the 3rd of December 2019 the Intermediate Futsal finals were held. After a strong season, we had six teams from Kavanagh playing off for various places.

Of particular note were the Year 7 & 8 Girls team, the Kavanagh Sparks, having won Division 2 in Term 1, they were promoted to Division 1 for Term 4. The Sparks made the 1st and 2nd place final and were playing a team they had previously beaten twice, however, they were unable to take the title on the night - still a tremendous season nonetheless!

Kavanagh Sparks

Sophie Golden

Sienna Lewis

Ryleigh Makiiti

Nuala Kelly

Scarlett Kettish

Aya Oseki

Daisy Jarvie

Anahera Lewis

Coach: Aine Kelly