Wai Tsz Ho (Jacko), Hong Kong, Year 13

By Wai Tsz Ho | Posted: Tuesday December 2, 2014

In Kavanagh College the teachers and students are very friendly. They are very willing to help our overseas' new students.

I was at Kavanagh College around two years. I can still remember that when I first came to Kavanagh College. I needed help with a lot of things, to others help me. It was just like I had become a little boy. My English was not good enough, I was very afraid to talk with every student and the teacher, at that time. However, they did not annoy me about my poor English. Oppositely, they supported me and let me blend in with them. Unexpectedly, I am a Year 13 senior now. In Kavanagh College, we can choose to study some special subjects based on our interests. For example, in Graphics we can do a lot of different products, from our creation. In ESOL, we get a small group with a teacher just to increase our oversea students' English. I am living in a homestay, they are caring and fun, they also give me lots of freedom. I liked staying with them so much.