Minn Chaturarat, Thailand, Year12

By Minn Chaturarat | Posted: Wednesday December 2, 2015

I have been here in Dunedin, NZ for six and a half months. I have learnt lots of things, not just English, but also life experience.

I’m studying year 12 at Kavanagh College as an international student from Thailand.

When I came to this school on the first day of term two I was afraid to use English. I was lucky to have three friends coming athe the same time, Kodai, Yuka and Echo. I didn’t understand when teachers and my host family were talking because I hadn’t listened to a British/NZ accent before I came here. Although I didn’t understand them, they helped me in class and everything. Some Asian friends helped as well. They understood my feeling that I didn’t know what I should do. Linh, Iris and Jessie were my first Kavanagh friends and they helped me with studying and taking the bus back home, so didn’t feel alone.

I met some more friends and they became my best friends. We went to play sports, visit museums and have dinner together. I was so happy with my life here.

At school, I have taken Math, English, ESOL, Biology, Music and Photography. Ms Watts (Music) is a kind woman who always gives me opportunities to do lots of things such as being part of the Trebletones (singing group), Kavanagh’s Got Talent, the Musical Theatre Program at University and I sang in the Otago Music Festival. I have had lots of experiences in these activities.

Kavanagh College gave me lots of experiences to do new things. I am now grown up one step about English, friends and living with other people in another country.