Ida Lieback, Germany, Year 13

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Saturday May 2, 2015

Coming to New Zealand was probably one of the best decisions of my life. In my 10 months at Kavanagh College I have made so many new friends and experienced a completely different culture.

The people at Kavanagh - students and teachers - have shaped my life forever and I myself can say that when I go back to Germany, I will be a new person. In many ways I have learnt more about myself and the way I interact with my environment.

Kavanagh College is a wonderful school with lots of opportunities for everybody.

Before I came to NZ I never thought that I could enjoy art classes as much as I did here. I discovered a whole new way of representing my ideas and the individual advice that I got from my teacher and my classmates also helped me develop my skills further, getting a better insight in the subject.

I feel that in this short time that I have been here I have grown mentally and learnt a lot about respect. I have found friends that I know are the reason I will always try to come back here!

Of course I am sad that I will have to leave Kavanagh in two months already, but more importantly I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to come here.