Evan Li, China, Year 13

By Evan Li | Posted: Tuesday December 2, 2014

I am really proud of being an integral part of Kavanagh College. All the teachers are lovely and willing to help students.

 ESOL department helped me a lot, not only on my journey of learning but also on the life in NZ. Students at Kavanagh are friendly which makes me feel as at home as possible. Kavanagh provides heaps of opportunities for every student in varied fields, such as music, sports and education. In the past two years, I really enjoyed the activities which were held by the school community. I had a very fun time in the school jazz band with all the music people, in the tramping with all my friends, in the sports with teammates and in the classes with all the lovely teachers. I am really glad that I spent those years at Kavanagh College and this meant a lot to me.