Giant Drums Have Huge Impact On Students

By Maggie McGarry | Posted: Wednesday May 3, 2017

The Kavanagh College Opportunity Class and Saint Mary’s Satellite went to their first Education Outside the Classroom trip earlier this week.

The trip was to the O-Taiko Dunedin Japanese Drumming hall where students experienced a performance from O-Taiko and immersed themselves in creating their own rhythm.

O-Taiko leader, Sabrina Goh led the group in a fun and engaging warm-up session which progressed to splitting students into groups where they chose a famous song to then create their own beat to complement. This was a huge hit that really absorbed the groups, where they learnt how to write out and perform the musical beats. The students finished with a thundering performance while dressed in traditional Japanese drumming outfits!

The finale for the session came with the opportunity for students to hit the largest drum in the room, the Odaiko (this means ‘large drum’ in Japanese), this was definitely the highlight for a number of the students, and a productive and memorable first field trip for the Satellite and Opportunity Class.

Many thanks to O-Taiko for their time and support, we hope to see you again soon!