Meet the Cast of Grease

By Erica Ward | Posted: Tuesday February 11, 2020

Sam Kelly is delighted to be taking on the role of Danny Zuko in this years Musical Grease

Last year was Sam's first year at Kavanagh College. In Annie he stared as one of the Cabinet Ministers and was eager to audition for Grease.

Sam Kelly was thrilled to be cast as Danny Zuko. He has a clear image of Danny Zuko and has been thinking hard about the character all school holidays. Sam said that Danny is the sort of character who is suppose to be cool and confident. He's the leader of his gang so tries to maintain an air of easy going and coolness whenever their around. He is also used to getting his way with girls.

Sam is looking forward to the musical side of playing the roll with lots of fantastic songs for him to sing! We look forward to hearing his voice on stage. 

Congratulations Sam! 

Musical rehearsals are underway! If your child has missed out on this information and would still like to be involved please email Erica Ward -