Congratulations to Erika Fairweather

By Maria Menzies | Posted: Wednesday February 19, 2020

Erika set an age-grade record in the 400m freestyle at the Victoria Open in Melbourne over the weekend. The time she recorded was well under the Olympic qualifying time of 4min 7.90sec.

She won the race in 4min 7.23sec, 4.5sec quicker than any female swimmer under the age of 19 has achieved in New Zealand.

She had set the previous record only last month with a time of 4min 8.58sec but went nearly 1.5sec faster in Melbourne.

The national open championships in Auckland at the end of March will be the test for swimmers wanting to qualify for the Olympics. The qualifying standards must be broken at this meeting to be eligible for selection to compete at the Olympics.

But with Erika setting this time a few weeks out she has staked an impressive mark to head to Tokyo.