Principal's Message

By Tracy O'Brien | Posted: Thursday November 30, 2017

Tena Koutou Katoa. Season's Greetings

2017 has yet again seen an incredible amount of success across the school landscape, from academic to sport and culture to Special Character. It is the mission of our College to strive for excellence in all these areas but to do so in a way that is inclusive and affirming in keeping with our Catholic faith and tradition.

For Kavanagh College, our students, staff and parents maintain an exceptionally strong sense of community. Beyond the school gate, it is always great to run into former Kavanagh students. It is my hope the school’s core values continue to live on and play out in their lives. To our graduates hold onto your values, seek truth and don’t believe everything you read or hear. Trust your intuition or your gut. You are well equipped to make up your own mind. Use it consciously and don’t be afraid to break from the pack.

My sincere thanks to our highly talented academic and support staff, members of the Board of Trustees and parent community for their dedication and ensuring that Kavanagh College continues to grow, adapt and deliver excellence in a meaningful education in faith to our Dunedin youth. 

Finally, congratulations to our student body on your work this year and striving to make Kavanagh College a great place to live, work and be. God bless and go well in 2018!