Year 9 Te Reo Māori

By Maya Tate-Manning | Posted: Thursday April 30, 2020

Learning Goal: to teach some of the locative words and sentence structure.

The students played hide and seek, they had to think about what we could see in their "zoom" picture frame, and include the background of a room. Then hide somewhere in room, within the frame. We closed our eyes and counted. If the other students guess hiding place correctly the student comes out of hiding place.

Kei hea a Joseph? - Where is Joseph?

Kei raro i te pēke pīni- Under the bean bag

Kei hea a Isaac? 

Kei raro i te pēke pīni - Kāo- under the bean bag, no

Kei muri i te ārai. - Behind the curtain

raro- under, muri- behind.