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By Amelia Bresanello | Posted: Thursday May 28, 2020

As you may be aware, this is Samoan language week.

We have been doing many things around the college to teach our students and staff some language and culture to widen our cultural awareness.

On Wednesday morning, Keisha Su'a, Caramelrose Tofilau, Melina Lam Cheung and Anita Samasoni came to our staff meeting to teach our staff some helpful words and phrases that we can use in the classroom. At the staff presentation the girls also were brave enough to share personal stories and open our eyes and hearts to the cultural differences. Part of this was sharing important values that they live by, the significance of prayer and family to them all. Having young people brave enough to share with staff the pride they have in their culture, their bilingualism and sharing their deep love of their faith fills us also with pride in them.

"God Bless - Fa'amanuia le Atua ia outou uma"
Amelia Bresanello - Pasifika Dean

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