Onsite Physiotherapist

By Tricia James | Posted: Tuesday June 9, 2020

Kavanagh College is lucky to have an opportunity to have a Physiotherapist from Back in Motion on site this year.

This opportunity will be for any athlete who has had an injury while playing sport. Only students with an injury who can complete an ACC claim can be treated. There will be no ACC surcharge when treated during the clinic times at school. It is available to all students at the school. Any student in Year 7 – 11 must complete the claim form and get a parent /caregiver to sign this form. This covers the legal requirement that any student under 16 must have consent from a parent/caregiver. All students in Year 12 and 13 are able to sign this form themselves.

Michael Peterson will start on a Tuesday afternoon from 16 June from 1.00-3.00pm. To make an appointment you need to go to the Main Office and book an appointment on the official sheet, take an ACC Claim and Permission form (one form) and collect a pass to allow you out of class at the appointed time. The first time you go to the Physiotherapist you will need to book a 30 minute appointment. Any following appointment the following week would be a 20 minute appointment. You will not be able to attend the appointment without a signed consent form. Appointments will be made by Monday 3.00pm, the day prior to the clinic. No appointments can be made on Tuesday morning. Please see Ms James if you feel uncertain or would like someone with you for the first appointment.

You can read about Michael’s experience below:

Michael graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2016. Michael then went on to work in Invercargill for 2 years in a private physiotherapy clinic where he obtained his dry needling qualification as well as having the privilege to look after Southland Rep teams in both Rugby and Netball. Michael then moved to Dunedin in 2019 where he now looks after the Roslyn football club, and continues to support the Southland Men’s Sevens team. Michael is a keen sportsman himself having represented Southland in Soccer, Rugby and Athletics. Michael enjoys all aspects of physiotherapy but especially enjoys the challenges that come with sports physiotherapy and looking after teams.

This is a wonderful initiative from Back in Motion and we are grateful for this opportunity. If you need a Physiotherapist appointment please be proactive about making one using the correct procedure and in the correct time.