Year 11 Melodrama performance

By Erica Ward | Posted: Thursday June 11, 2020

On Wednesday night the Year 11 Drama class performed their melodrama production

The Year 11 Drama class began preparations for a class production in Term 1. After battling through rehearsals during lockdown the class was delighted to perform to an audience! The evening was a great success with the audience laughing constantly. Well done! 

The show was made up with three mini melodramas hosted by Matt Nel and Jacob Green-Brough. 

Firstly, Sam Gee and Ethan Bremner paired up to perform Murder in the Red Barn. 

Next, A Drunkards Dilemma stared Hayley Golden, Beth Sunderland, Grace Fahey and Annierose McComack.

And finally, The Wages of Sin stared Eva Gardyne-Sincock, Ethan O'Brien, Eva Clarke, Ruby La Hood and Molly Ebdell

A big thank you to Madi Buckley and Madelyn McLay for all their organisation and direction for the show!!