Kavanagh College Athletics Sports Information 2018

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Tuesday January 30, 2018

Monday 19th February, 8.45am – 3.00pm with a cancellation date of Monday 26th February

Students in the 1500m will need to be at the grounds at 8.15am. 

Cancellation: Classic Hits 98.4FM and on the Kavanagh College website. In the case of cancellation, the school will operate as normal.

Where: The Caledonian at LoganPark.

Buses: Students who use Otago Road Services buses (Mosgiel / Brighton) will get dropped off at, and picked up from, the Caledonian. All other students must make their own way to and from the Caledonian.

Uniform: Year 7 – 10 students to wear correct PE Uniform.

Year 11 – 13 students to wear suitable sports clothing.

Note:  bare feet are not be allowed on the track. Spikes will be allowed.

Bring: Plenty of food and drink. Warm clothes, jacket, sun hat, sun cream. House colours and decorations for when not competing.

Other Important Information:

- All students are expected to attend.

-You must enter the ground through the correct gate – look for your year level sign. As you enter you will be checked off the roll.

- If you are unable to attend due to a legitimate reason, your parents must ring the school office as normal. Parents of students who are not present, or have not been excused, will be telephoned during the morning.

-After arrival, sit in the grandstand with your house group.

- Students are not allowed to leave the ground during the day.

- During the day when you are not competing, sit in the grandstand.

-Listen carefully to the announcer for your event(s) to be called. You should have identified on the timetable what time your events are scheduled for. There will be extra copies of the timetable on the notice board in front of the grandstand.

- If you have a clash of a field event and a track event on at the same time, you must report to the field event first to give them your name, and then go immediately to do the track event. The track event cannot wait for you.

- Sprinters in the 100m and 200m heats need to check the lists on the notice board to see if they make it to the semi-finals and finals.

- It is best not to bring valuables. Students do so at their own risk.

- No face paint is allowed.

-There will be a canteen selling sausages and bread, drinks, snacks, lollies etc. Bring CASH for this.

-Parents are welcome to come and watch at any time.

- House chants will be completed during the lunch break.

-At the end of the day, all students will sit back in the grandstand for the announcement of final house points. You will then be released.