Year 9 Retreat Day - Brighton Beach Domain - 7th February

By Iris Bugarski | Posted: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Please see below for an outline of the day

Outline for the Day

  • 8.50am - Students are to meet their tutor teacher at the Mercy Amphitheatre where attendance rolls will be taken. Absences will be recorded and sent to the office prior to departure. 
  • After attendance rolls have been taken students will board buses in Tennyson Street
  • Buses arrive at Brighton Domain approx 9.30am. Students are asked to sit on the grass as one large group for a short briefing and outline for the day. Buses will depart so it is important that all personal belongings are taken off the bus. 
  • 9.40 - Tutor Teacher Planned Activities
  • 10.00am - All students meet again in one area on the Domain for interclass competition e.g. egg spoon races, Tug o War, three-legged races, etc
  • 10.50am - Morning tea (students bring their own)
  • 11.10am–12. 30pm -  Swimming opportunity (supervised by Staff and lifeguards directly responsible for our group).  Students will be briefed prior to swimming. Students not swimming will be supervised and may remain on the Domain with activities such as volleyball, cricket etc.
  • 12.30pm–1.00pm -  BBQ lunch on the Domain. All students and staff in attendance
  • 1.00pm–2.00pm -  Beach activity and competition such as Sand Sculpture/ Castle building
  • 2. 00pm -  Students assemble and roll attendance recorded. Debrief for the day given and some awards.
  • 2.20pm -  Students board the buses for 2.25pm departure
  • 3.00pm -  Students arrive back at school Tennyson Street entrance ad dismissed.