By Tim Lucas | Posted: Wednesday June 24, 2020

As mentioned last week, St Francis Xavier School were the first of our Catholic primary schools to take part in Te Rā Nui Ki Waho / The Big Day Out.

This on-site, full day event incorporates digital technology, te reo māori, health and physical education and science.

The day began with a warm welcome and karakia from Kavanagh College principal Kate Nicholson. Then the students were challenged to create a kohinga Mahimania (Minecraft portfolio). The students explored a world in Minecraft call Ngā Motu (The Islands). They were asked to take photographs of ten different items and label them in te reo māori. In this unique world you will only find creatures such as kunekune (pigs), tuna (eels), giant moa, pīwaiwaka (fantails), taniwha (mythical creatures) and the brilliant pink and white terraces. The second task was to create a whare nui (meeting house). I was impressed by the level of creativity and detail that the students used in their creations.After digital technology, the students joined 7OCS for a high intensity Physical Education lesson before singing with Rice House. After lunch, Mrs Thomson from the science department conducted hands-on experiments with the students. 

St Francis Xavier principal Carmel Jolly said the students and staff loved the experience and thanked all those involved in the planning and running of the day. Next term, St Bernadette's are the first school to visit Kavanagh College for The Big Day Out!

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