Hockey Report

By Samantha Clark | Posted: Wednesday June 24, 2020

The 1st XI had a tough match in the freezing cold against Otago Boys High School 2nd XI

We had a number of great attacking opportunities that unfortunately were held out by good defence from the opposition. Although we didn’t come away with the win this time, the team worked hard and showed great potential for when we come up against each other again in the next round. We had a number of players who really shined. Ruby La Hood had a strong defensive game as full back and prevented a number of goal scoring opportunities for the opposition by stepping up early on their players. Campbell MacDade and Paddy Craft were both playing in unfamiliar positions and both did a amazing job and stepped up to the make to show their versatility as players.

Each week we are giving out two player of day awards at our Sunday training. One is chosen by the coaching team and the other is selected by the players of the team. Last week’s match the coaching team gave the Sal’s Player of the Day award to Josef Tisdall who played an outstanding game in goal and the Sal’s Players Choice Player of the Day award went to Cody Paulsen who scored two goals in the first game of the season and had great positioning throughout the match.