2020 Student Leaver User Accounts

By Nathan Sortehaug | Posted: Monday November 23, 2020

While students attend Kavanagh College, they are set up with user accounts for email access and access to storage areas to save their work. Unfortunately, it is not possible to retain email and storage accounts for student leavers.

For 2020 student leavers, student Google & Microsoft accounts will remain active until 18 January 2021, at which point they will be disabled and removed at a later date. Students will no longer be able to access these accounts.

It is recommended if students have any emails or other personal files they would like to retain, to forward them to a personal email address and download the files they would like to keep, saving them locally to their computer or other storage device.

If there are any important emails being received at their Kavanagh email address, students should notify the sender to send future emails to their personal email account. Any online accounts which are associated with their Kavanagh email address will also need to be changed.

If students have been using Microsoft Office 365 with their school account, they will no longer be able to use it once the accounts have been disabled. If they are moving on to a tertiary institution, they may offer the ability to use Office 365 with a tertiary institution email account. Otherwise if students still require the user of Office, a Microsoft Office 365 subscription can be purchased online ( or an alternative Microsoft Office product can be purchased from a retail store.