Dunedin Central City SChools CLuster Road Safety

By Trish James | Posted: Tuesday February 27, 2018

The DCC is seeking an area-wide approach to addressing road safety issues around the five central city schools.

The Dunedin Central City Cluster includes Otago Girls High School, Otago Boys High School, Arther St School, St Josephs School and Kavanagh College. Following consultation the DCC are currently developing a plan for implementation.

The issues identified are around difficulty at crossings and intersections for pedestrians, parking near the schools and high speeds on some streets. Potential treatments for these issues includes:

Crossing points- addressing pedestrain accessibililty and safety

Gateway thresholds - for area visibility, crossing aids and speed management

Parking Streets - relocating and concentrating parking supply

Speed Management – area-wide part-time or permanent school lower speed zone.

The attached photo shows the proposed treatment of the area over the next five years and beyond. For more information go to the DCC website – link here

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