Mobile Phone Use During Classtime

By Kate Nicholson | Posted: Thursday February 4, 2021

Years 10-13

We recognise that mobile phones are a useful digital tool. However, to keep the classroom environment settled, and focussed on learning and developing positive communication skills with others in the classroom, general mobile phone use is not allowed.

Phones are expected to be kept out of sight in bags or pockets during class time.

The only time when mobile phones can be used is with teacher permission for a valid reason, or at teacher discretion when they are required to be used as a learning tool (eg calculator, information search).

Teachers have the right to confiscate phones if they are being used in the classroom without permission. The teacher has the right to take a confiscated phone to the Main Office, and it can be collected at the end of the day by the student. If this happens again, and the phone is removed to the Office, a parent or caregiver will be required to collect the phone.