Dunedin Catholic Schools Kāhui Ako

By Ian Adamson | Posted: Wednesday February 17, 2021

On the 5th of March 2021, all of the Catholic schools in Dunedin will be meeting for a Mass at the Edgar Centre.

The day will include a games afternoon for year 7-9. Years 10-13 students need to arrive in full school uniform and get changed into their PE gear after Mass. Years 7-9 students can wear their PE uniform for both the Mass and activities. The year 12 and 13 students will be helping facilitate the events. The year 10-11 will be coming back to Kavanagh via a bus to have an afternoon of activities.

Students need to make their own way to the main entrance to the Edgar Centre by 9 am and will enter and sit in their year groups. The year group will meet in tutor classes, please see the map below. Parents are welcome to attend the Mass starting at 9.30 am in the More FM Arena.

Students will need to bring their own food.

The event will end at 2.40 pm and students will be released early. Year 7-9 will receive a letter with more pick up details.

Image by: Ian Adamson