Year 9 Journalism Leaders

By Brent Ford | Posted: Wednesday February 24, 2021

Congratulations to Brent Manangan and Jessica Tupai who have been appointed as Year 9 Journalism Leaders. They have shared the following articles

Athletics Day

Is it the noise of the students I’m supposed to be afraid of? Or is it the butterflies in my stomach? I guess I will never know the complete answer for that but all I knew in my head was that I was excited. Getting there was nerve wracking but the cold breeze of the air was refreshing, entering the main gate was the first thing all students needed to do and I guess me wearing an afro was just I don’t know “Odd?”. Walking through the stands was utterly breathtaking, you could see all the house groups ready to get points, but you would also see the people you’re competing with.

The first thing students probably heard was Mr Campbell’s booming voice. “All boys and girls please make your way to the 1500m”, honestly when I heard that I felt more butterflies in my stomach. My mind would be telling me “Who are you going to verse? Am I going to do well enough? Why am I so nervous???”, I could practically say that at least nearly every student had this running through their mind.

I started jogging to the 1500m start line. It was nice that the weather was a bit chilly in the morning because it would cool all the runners down. I got to the start line and I saw my friends. I had a nice conversation with them, all I could remember from it was: “Are you in my race?”, “ I wonder who’s going to win?”, “Which house group is going to win?” All those questions made me doubt myself but also made me feel excited. I heard Mr Mackenzie shout out “Boys under 16,15,14, please come to the starting line.” Right at that moment I felt my gut squeeze and it was just nerve wracking. As I got ready to start I realized, “Wait, am I the only Under 14 boy?” and the answer was, yep I am. But at least I was running with other people, the teachers who were running it decided that the Under 16,15,14 should run it together because there were not many of us. But now we were about to begin and I was now serious, Mr Earl held the pallet gun up then BANG! I started running, the adrenaline was pumping through my veins and I was enjoying it, three laps around the Caledonian track was exhausting but it was also a great warm up for the runs coming up. I finished the event first, and to be honest, getting first in the first event was motivational, it was a standard for me like it was representing “Keep going and do your best”.

After the 1500m it was just listening and knowing when your next event was going to come up. In conclusion, I have to say that Athletics Day is one of the most physical and exhausting days of the year but it also has to be the most exciting and thrill seeking day. The best thing about it, is that all the events you do during athletics give your house group house points so it means that you are contributing to your house group. - Brent Manangan

New Te Timatanga learning structure a success

2021 has brought many changes, and for the Kavanagh Junior school (Yrs 7 - 9) one of the major changes has been their new learning structure - Te Timatanga. Te Timatanga is Maori for “The Beginning” a befitting name for the first few years at Kavanagh, its purpose is to form stronger relationships between students and teachers and to allow and encourage students to interact with other close year levels. The integrated Year 7-9 Whanau groups are also constructed by house, and many of the new, younger students are showing excitement and enthusiasm for their house.

The whanau group teachers have seen positive results and are enjoying the new structure.

“I'm enjoying it all, it’s nice getting to know all three year levels. Deaning is great, especially getting to know a variety of students. Having the whanau groups feels community-focused, and I can see the passion and drive for house groups and community spirit. Although it is hard work for teachers constantly planning and organizing for multiple classes, I’m seeing rewards by the interaction of year levels and I love seeing the Year 9 leadership responsibility,” said Mrs. Harris (Shared Rata Whanau group teacher).

From a student’s perspective, having integrated Year 7-9 whanau groups is great and many Year 9’s are enjoying being given the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills. Already many of the Year 7’s are bonding with the other year groups, and hopefully, the success of Te Timatanga will continue. - Jessica Tupai