School Activity Contribution

By Brendan Jarvie | Posted: Thursday March 4, 2021

Dear Parents & Whanau

Every year, the College asks parents for a School Activity Contribution to help provide for extra resources and various activity costs. Because we are a decile 8 school, we do not qualify to be in the Ministry of Education’s funded donation scheme. However, we also try to keep school costs down to a minimum. This can cause a gap between government funding and our resourcing of extra and co-curricular activities at the college which are not fully covered by government grants.

The Voluntary School Activity contributions for 2021 are:

Yr11-13 - $180.00

Yr9-10 - $150.00

Yr7-8 - $130.00

Families with two or more children will get a 50% discount on subsequent children.

We do need to note that a school donation is voluntary, however we hope that our school community will continue to be supportive in paying the donation, and understand that this is necessary for us to provide the level of learning experience that we all want for our students.

Payments can be made via Edge or Internet Banking or you may prefer to pop into school and pay cash or Eftpos.

We encourage families to start up an automatic payment to the school to cover the cost of this and other costs that arise during the year.

Upon payment, the school will issue a receipt that can be used to claim up to a 33% tax refund. We are aware that for some families, payment of the school donation will be a financial challenge. Please contact Anna (details below) if you would like to discuss this.

We are also aware that there are families in our school community who would be prepared to donate additional amounts to assist those who less able to donate. Again, if you are in this position please contact Anna.

Thank you for your understanding

Anna Louw-Young
4773408 Ext 235