Year 10 Economics - Going Flatting

By Jill Armstrong | Posted: Wednesday March 10, 2021

The students have formed "flatting" groups and are looking at the steps involved in going flatting

They will become familiar with the latest Residential Tenancy Law changes, methods for finding flats, how to complete a Residential Tenancy Agreement and Bond Lodgement Form, the importance of flat rules and having a cooking/cleaning roster, how to compare prices for utilities, and how to calculate the real price of going flatting eg. ensuring the flat has sufficient items for kitchen, lounge, bathroom, bedrooms, outside area etc.  They will also learn about frequent problems associated with flatting and decide how these may be dealt with.

Next week, the "flatmates" are going on a field trip to look for suitable items for their flats and collect prices. Most of their items have already been chosen online. 

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