School Strike 4 Climate March

By Staff | Posted: Tuesday April 6, 2021

Students who wish to take part in this march will need to have permission from their parents or caregivers

Permission can be given here -

This will close at 3pm today. No permission will be granted after this time. Once they have signed out, the students will be expected to take care of themselves.

Mrs Nina O’Callaghan will be attending the march in her role as enviro coordinator at school and she is happy to accompany and look after a small number of year 7-9 students. This number is limited, however. These students will return to Kavanagh after the march unless given permission by you to do otherwise and this information will also be captured on the google form. 

We expect any students (including year 13) who are attending the march to wear perfect school uniform and, as always, they will follow the behaviour expectations of the college when wearing our uniform outside our school grounds. Any students who have NCEA assessments will need to remain at school for these.