By Jill Armstrong | Posted: Monday March 12, 2018

Last week we had a visit from Mary Holmes, the Project Manager of Secondary, Young Farmers

Mary has a farming background and was brought up on a dairy farm. She showed us a series of resources available for Secondary Schools. It was interesting to hear about the many projects and activities that Young Farmers are involved in.

Mary offered to help organise speakers who are employed in a range of agri-businesses to present at Kavanagh College. It is likely that some non-Agribusiness students would like to hear about these so we will invite all interested students to attend these sessions. Most will be held during lunch times or period 5 on a Wednesday.

Mary enjoyed listening about the insect studies that each student was working on and an interesting discussed followed. The use of cricket flour as a substitute to wheat flour was hotly debated. Also, the students were fascinated when they found out that when Mr Drury worked in America, one of his jobs was breeding mosquitos for dengue fever testing. One student stated that, if he was unsure about his research: “I just ask Mr Drury as he knows everything about insects.”

Mary reiterated the push for students to study, graduate and work in the Agribusiness sector in New Zealand as there is already a shortage.

We will maintain a close relationship with Young Farmers to ensure students can easily assess information about Scholarships, resources and activities.

Upcoming event:

Return field trip to Duncan’s Dairy Farm on Wednesday after school.



Kaia Armstrong, James Young, Jill Armstrong, Stephen Xu, Tracy OBrien, Peter Drury, Mary Holmes, Aliyah Tautuhi, Hannah Idour