Congratulations to Year 10 students!

By Sue Roberts-Blyth | Posted: Thursday April 15, 2021

All Year 10 classes have completed a term assignment in Social Inquiry on Financial Literacy.

At the beginning of the term the Year 10’s interviewed Year 13 students to work out what their goals are. The goals ranged from buying a computer, to going to Uni, to buying a house.

The year 10’s then spent the term learning about share markets, Bitcoin, compound interest, mortgages, Kiwi saver and debt, and completed a report advising their clients on ways to achieve their financial goals. Two students from each class then got to share their learning with Mrs. Nicholson over morning tea in her office.

As well as helping out their Year 13 clients, the Year 10 students now have a better idea for their own goals – including an understanding of the importance of saving and the reality of how much things actually cost!

Congratulations to Ruby de Graaf, Elizabeth Tagg, Lauren Dick, Bella Breese, Daisy Jarvie, Charlotte Harris, Iris Gallagher, Isaac Tili and Patrick Cotter.

Thanks to Sarah Tsukigawa, HOD Social Inquiry for leading this.