Central City Schools Cluster

By Trish James | Posted: Tuesday March 13, 2018

The DCC is making a start on the Central City Schools Transport Programme

DCC has a programme for the installation of the Gateways. Initially, these gateways will be purely by way of road marking, bollards and signage.  There are 10 gateways marking the boundary of the area.  An example of the Rattray St North Gateway is shown above. Not all gate ways will be the same.  Only some will have crossings.

The gateways are scheduled to be installed from 25 March through to 28 March. Contractors will be working through the night to install the road markings, bollards and signs, which will ensure minimal disruption to schools and residents.

There is a webpage at the link below, where people can go for a brief introduction to the central city cluster project. This page will also have any updates.

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