Senior Enviro Council & Junior Enviro Club

By Lucia Rozenberg | Posted: Monday May 22, 2017

On Monday 15th of May members of the Senior Enviro Council and Junior Enviro Club gathered together at Robin Hood Park

With help from Dunedin City Council Enviro schools facilitator, Anna Hughes, the students successfully planted 20 New Zealand native trees the school had received as a reward for our paper recycling last year.

Students and teachers worked hard as the ground was full of old tree roots and stones. It was a lovely feeling having these young trees joining the ones that Kavanagh College planted two years ago in the same place.

The Senior Enviro Council is meeting regularly every Monday lunchtime in B21 and the Junior Enviro Club is on every odd Monday and even Tuesday after school in M22. Everybody is welcome to join us.

For more information please contact Mrs Rozenberg or Mrs O'Callaghan.

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