By Sam White | Posted: Monday May 17, 2021

An absolutely amazing game to watch. So much support and growth was seen in just one week.

As a coach I could see the students put into action the skills and drills we tried out at practice.

As we are still fresh in the season the students are learning new positions and being thrown into the game to learn on the job, they are picking it up and running with it and really starting to shine. 

A fantastic team goal was scored as men marked our players tightly, others found the space to be able to make a hole for Ethan to come through. 

New in the pads, Drew had some great clears and even got to slide and take the ball before a player to create a turn over for us. 

Lucilyn who is new to the game and only picked up a stick a day beforehand, took out coaches player of day as she took to the game like a duck to water. She was everywhere and made some awesome tackles.

Brent showed us what he is made of with beads of sweat down his face as he put his all into the game, tackles, turnovers and making metres on the turf.

All the girls did great tackles and went into defense, the next step will be to build the confidence to make the pass after turning over the ball.