Meet our Head Students

By Therese Makasini | Posted: Wednesday March 21, 2018

Head Girl - Therese Makasini

My full name is Therese Benedicta Makasini. I am full Tongan and am the youngest of six. I was born in Auckland and moved down when I was one. I grew up surrounded by family and I believe that’s why I love to be in environments where there are heaps of people laughing, singing and enjoying each others company. 

I started at Kavanagh in 2012 after St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary. The highlights of school seem to be everything but school, not because it is a bad thing but because every experience just seems to be great. The camps, retreats, tournaments and people have been the biggest contributions to my happiness. Kavanagh offers a sense of community and I believe that’s what differentiates us from other schools - we don’t over-emphasise the one thing that we can offer such as sport, art or technology but we ensure that whatever your skill or talent, we will appreciate it. 

My main goal for this year is that we all increase our pride for who we are as a school. Hopefully we will be able to achieve this through doing small communal things that will result in a big change at the end of the year.