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By Jill Armstrong | Posted: Wednesday June 2, 2021

Today Under The Door Enterprises presented their pitch to a panel of four judges in the YES Regional Challenge.

The pitch hit the mark, and the team used PowerPoint and a range of props, including "Woolly The Sheep" riding a bike into the room. Judges graded the team under the following categories: Business Practice & People; Marketing; Operations; Finances; The Pitch; and Innovation.

The company's flagship product is "The Woolly Wedge" - a unique take on a door wedge, being double-sided. One side is wool carpet, and the other is rubber, with wood in between. The Woolly Wedge is currently being produced locally by Cargill Enterprises.

Carpet: Carpet Court offcuts which we are repurposing.

Rubber: Used bicycle tubes sourced from Cycle World.

Wood: Building site offcuts.

It is a unique product that is adaptable to fit on any floor surface.

Other company 100% merino woollen products include:

The Woolly Mask: This product is designed for sliding doors and will eliminate the door slamming on fingers. Target market - Kindergartens, primary schools, and young families.

The Woolly Wind Stopper: This product is a draft stopper, entirely made from 100 % merino wool. Target market - industrial businesses, homeowners, aged-care facilities and schools.

The Woolly Car Door Shield: This product is attached to a car door to prevent scratches or scrapes when getting out of your car in a tight park.

Yesterday, the students featured in the Otago Daily Times Rural Life section - please click link to read this article https//

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