Next week is Enviroweek!

By Benjamin Mahoney | Posted: Wednesday June 16, 2021

We have a range of activities we are running such as beeswax wrap making workshops, clothing swaps, climate education and waste reduction.

This Enviroweek will have a focus on learning how to use the recycling bins correctly and better understanding of climate change.

We will be running clothing swaps on Friday in the canteen classroom at lunch. Please drop off your preloved clothes during the week at Ms Roberts Blyth’s class (D.22) or Ms O’Callaghan's class (M.22). Be sure to come check it out and potentially find an outfit for Sustainable Style Day, which will also be Friday. We ask that students wear clothes that are pre-loved, thrifted, or made out of sustainable fabrics that day. With this, we ask that you bring a gold coin to be donated to Caritas led climate action projects.

We are running beeswax wraps workshops on Monday in D.22 and Wednesday in M.22 after school till four, so come along to make some beeswax wraps you can use for your lunches.

We are also encouraging a waste-free lunch week! With this, we encourage students and staff to think about bringing lunches that have little to no waste in them. Tips and tricks will be around the school so be sure to keep an eye out. Kav cards and spot prizes will also be given out for these!