First XV Rugby News

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Monday April 9, 2018

We were very warmed by the response from the community in regard to sponsorship for the 1st XV Rugby Team.

We would like to thank the following businesses for their very generous contributions. The boys now have new warm-up tops with their sponsorship on them and ready for the season.

FIRST MORTGAGES NZ who sponsored Sione Tukala, Sefo Moniati, Will Campbell, Mark Gorman, Ray Chow
CT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS who sponsored, Maitland Chesney, David Makasini, Connell Webb
McGRATHS who sponsored, Luka Casey, EJ Lam Cheung, Caleb Kelekolio
ROSCOES REWIND AND REPAIR who sponsored Connell Webb
GRID COFFEE who sponsored Kite Moataane, Michael Cortdz, Niall Quinn, Rangi Tekii, Soni Taungapeau
CAREYS BAY HOTEL who sponsored Jonathan Shaw
SHARE MORTGAGE who sponsored Shea Webb
STRAWBERRY SOUND who sponsored Caleb Kelekolio
PAASHA RESTAURANT who sponsored Luka Casey
PATRICK AH KUOI LJ HOOKER who sponsored EJ Lam Cheung
GLOW CONSULTANCY who sponsored Niko Tili, Jake Bardwell
ZINGARI RICHMOND RUGBY who sponsored Taylor Baughan and Emmanuel Toilolo