Kavanagh Wins Southern Catholic Schools Tournament

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018

Kavanagh College tied with St Kevin's in winning the Southern Catholic Schools Tournament played recently in Gore

Kavanagh College performed very well overall in the recently held Southern Catholic Schools Tournament in Gore. Kavanagh tied with St Kevins as the overall winner, beating Roncalli, Verdon and St Peters. Below are Kavanagh's results :

Netball: beat Roncalli 22-19, drew with St Kevin's 23-23, lost to St Peter's 18-23, beat Verdon 25-15.

Rugby: lost to Roncalli 8-7, lost to St Kevin's 7-5, lost to St Peter's 5-10, beat Verdon 20-19.

Boys Basketball: beat Roncalli 42-37, lost to St Kevin's 29-48, beat St Peter's 78-31, lost to Verdon 28-49

Girls Basketball: beat Roncalli 54-27, drew with St Kevin's 48-48, beat St Peter's 84-15, lost to Verdon 21-49

Boys Hockey: beat Roncalli 3-1, beat St Kevin's 7-0, beat St Peter's 3-1, beat Verdon 3-1

Girls Hockey: lost 0-1 to Roncalli, lost 0-1 to St Kevin's, lost 0-8 to St Peter's

Boys Football: beat St Kevins 6-1, beat St Peter's 14-0, beat Verdon 5-1

Girls Football: lost to Roncalli 1-6, beat St Kevin's 4-0, beat St Peter's 9-0.

Attached is the full set of results also.

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