Crazy Hair Day

By Enrique Garcia | Posted: Wednesday July 7, 2021

As was mentioned in the last assembly, Kavanagh is having a crazy hair day on Friday to support people living with blood cancer and their families.

You can style your hair any way you want, dye it (with wash out dye), spike it up, get a mohawk, wear a wig or whatever you want to do. Please remember to bring a gold coin donation. It is NOT a mufti day, just a crazy hair day. We really encourage all students to go crazy and bring out their wackiest hairstyles to support this great cause. There will also be prizes for the best hairstyles of each year group.

At the end of the day seven year 13 students and a teacher will get their hair shaved off after weeks of fundraising. Together we have already raised close to $5000 which is an amazing achievement. Thank you to everyone who has already donated. If you would like to donate the link is

The top seven donators from Kavanagh College will have the honour of shaving the student's hair on Friday. We look forward to seeing all the crazy hairstyles on Friday, the crazier the better!