OC18 off to a great start!

By Georgie Watts | Posted: Wednesday May 2, 2018

The first meeting of the Opportunities Class occurred on Tuesday at St Mary's School, Kaikorai.

Students from Kavanagh teamed up with some students from St Joseph's School and St Mary's School, to start working with each other for this years OC .

OC18 has been opened up to students from our Kāhui Ako to work alongside Kavanagh students each week. We will be meeting more new students from our wonderful Primary schools next week.

Kavanagh students engaged in an exercise to build a marble mover out of specific materials in a short space of time - the objective was to create a marble run that made the marble move for the longest amount of time. The winning Team S L O W, created a marble run using diagonal slides and baffles to direct the marble. 

Team Trap created a long run with multiple traps along the way to low the marble down. Great teamwork and creative thinking was shown by all! 

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