Enviroschools Bronze Status for Kavanagh College

By Lucia Rozenberg | Posted: Wednesday June 7, 2017

Congratulations to all students, teachers, Board of Trustees and the whole community of Kavanagh College.

Recently our school was awarded the Enviroschools Bronze Status. A few years ago Kavanagh College started to work towards achieving this important stage of the Enviroschools journey. This year we have completed the final stage of the vision for a sustainable Kavanagh College. This is our living, evolving vision that was begun last year by staff and students with the Board of Trustees to guide our Enviroschools journey. The physical visualization of this vision will be printed as a poster and displayed in the foyer and around the college.

After a reflection process students, teachers and members of the Board completed in May, Kavanagh College received the certificate that says: “We celebrate all that has been achieved in our Enviroschools journey so far. We have committed ourselves to the journey and laid the foundations. We are exploring opportunities for integrating the Enviroschools kaupapa. We can show changes in our practices and have taken some steps towards being a sustainable school community.”

What other enviro activities are students and teachers involved in this year?

We have established the Senior Enviro Council and re-established the Junior Enviro Club. The members of the Senior Enviro Council are in charge and are leading the activities with the juniors. These activities include gardening around the school, planting trees in our community, and looking after composting, recycling and setting up a worm farm. In May this year the Junior Enviro Club together with the Senior Enviro Council planted 20 native trees at Robin Hood Park.

The Senior Enviro Council is meeting every Monday lunchtimes in the library in B21. Our Junior Enviro Club is running every odd Monday and even Tuesday after school 3-4pm. We are meeting in M22.

If you are interested in joining the Senior Enviro Council or the Junior Enviro Club, please contact Mrs Rozenberg or Mrs O’Callaghan.


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