By Katrina Kerr-Bell | Posted: Tuesday May 15, 2018

Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" R16

You may recall the public discussion generated by last year’s Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Season two will be released on Friday 18th of May.  Despite the R16 rating, this show was widely watched by teenagers last year. Themes of suicide, sexual assault, consent, bullying and other issues made some viewers feel distressed and in need of support. Similar and equally confronting themes will be presented in series two. In the lead-up to the release, some young people, may re-watch the first season, or watch it, for the first time.

Young people feel the show represents issues they face. Banning or recommending a ban on viewing it can be harmful, as young people may still watch it but feel they have to hide that from adults. The issues raised in the series are significant and offers a good opportunity to talk to our young people about the difficult life events - but it is important that those conversations are safe ones. We are working with other agencies to ensure information is available to support and encourage safe conversations between young people and their parents, or other trusted adults if they view this series. Some of the information is already available on Mental Health Foundation website.

We have a strong pastoral network at Kavanagh College and we are willing to talk with families and individuals who may need support at any time. Please feel free at any time to contact the school and discuss any concerns. We have attached some suggest conversations starters for you to have a home with your teenager about this series if they are watching it, and a list of people to contact if you should have any concerns.

Conversation starters

A simple, “I hear about this show – have you heard of it?” can start the conversation. Try to adopt a conversational tone as opposed to a worried, threatened interrogational tone. You might add, “it’s stirring up a lot of controversy about suicide. What do you think?” You can ask, “have you seen it or do you want to see it?”

“Do you think that’s how some kids really experience high school or is it dramatized?”

Support Network

Kavanagh College Pastoral Team

Your Child’s Tutor Teacher


Liz Cameron

Ross McKinnon


Year 7 Jane DeGraaf

Year 8 Shaun Haig

Year 9 Chris Pickles

Year 10 Iris Bugarski

Year 11 Tim Lucas

Year 12 Rachel Mortimer

Year 13 Jean Allibone


Lynley Harris

Dean of Maori

Tim Lucas

Dean of Pasifika

Senior Manager

Year 7-9 Mike Campbell

Year 10-11 Katrina Kerr-Bell 

Year 12-13 Tricia James