Young Leaders Day

By Katrina Kerr-Bell | Posted: Tuesday June 6, 2017

E kore au e ngaro he kakano i ruia mai i - "I am a seed born of greatness"

A group of twenty Year 7 & 8 students attended the Young Leaders Day held at the Town Hall recently.  The theme of the day was "E kore au e ngaro he kakano i ruia mai i rangiatea "I am a seed born of greatness".  During the day we focused on different aspects of the theme. 

There was an exciting line-up of speakers,  all of whom we found inspiring. 

  •  Aaron Jackson spoke of becoming an actor starting from when a scout identified him as having an interesting face to where his career grew.
  • Daniel Fly the co-founder of Thankyou, an Australian group that produces water and is branching out into snack food and toiletries.  100% of their profit goes to people around the world in need of water.  
  • Jodi Brown the former Silver Fern spoke about the need to create a healthy environment to grow in.  
  • The brothers-in-law who helped buy the Beach for New Zealand in the Marlborough Sounds, spoke about how a big idea can grow.  
  • The final speaker of the day was Hair Artist Matt Brown who began his career with a $50  razor and went on to become a world ranked barber/hair artist.

The highlight was a performance from Nomad.  

We all had a fabulous time and were inspired to plant our own seed of greatness.