Year 10 Economics

By Jill Armstrong | Posted: Wednesday August 4, 2021

GrowingNZ Innovation Challenge

The students have worked in teams to

Tackle the following real challenges within the primary industries:

1. Maintaining water supply

2. Measuring pasture growth & quality

3. Protection from pests

4. Novel product from a new crop

They were asked to develop and evaluate potential solutions; build a prototype solution; consider stakeholders; and persuasively present a solution. The focus was on incorporating future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, GPS, Nanotechnology and Smart Technology. The three top teams will compete in the Otago GrowingNZ Innovation Challenge later in the year.

Here are some of the student comments about their challenge:

“We enjoyed working with our friends to solve the challenge of maintaining water supply on a farm. We used a laser, sensor and smart technology to locate the leaks so they could be fixed without digging up a lot of land.”

“Our robot had a laser and used artificial intelligence to target pests.”

“It was a fun thing to do in class and we found out about real world problems on a farm.”

“The drone had sensors to find pests and chase them away with high frequency noise.”