Daily Reflection

By Daily Prayer | Posted: Tuesday August 24, 2021

St Bartholomew - John 1:45-51.

Nathaniel,who also goes by the name Bartholomew, seems like he’d be good company. At the start of today’s reading, we see him making a joke about Jesus – ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth?’

Jesus enters the story, and there’s another funny moment. ‘There is no duplicity in him’, Jesus says, which of course is amusing given what Nathaniel’s just said.

Good friends, of course, aren’t just quick with a joke, they’re also quick to lend you an ear and to offer support to you when needed. Nathaniel quickly sees what Jesus is, and what he’s asking of him.

Let’s give thanks today for good company – particularly for those people like Nathaniel who know how to pick us up when we’re feeling down.