G&T Students work with HoD of Science on Creating Circuits

By Maggie McGarry | Posted: Wednesday June 14, 2017

Kerron Thomson, HoD of Science demonstrates to students how to create light with circuits.

As part of the unit on Japan, students from the Kavanagh College and Saint Mary's Kaikorai Gifted and Talented programme changed sites to learn how to create circuits.  Prior to visiting the Kavanagh College Science labs to have this hands-on experience, students learned about Akihabara- the 'Electric City', an amazing place in Tokyo where there are stores multiple stories high of electrical goods and gaming complexes.  

Thank you to Mrs Thomson for creating this electrifying lesson for the students.  We all appreciated the hands-on approach and being challenged on skills such as soldering, problem-solving and testing variety methods of putting the circuits together.

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