Junior Catholic Tournament-Booklet

By Anita Van den Beld | Posted: Thursday June 7, 2018

The Southern Catholic Schools Junior Sports Tournament (Years 7-10), involving teams from Kavanagh, St Kevin’s, St Peter’s and Verdon; is being held in Dunedin on Wednesday 13th June 2018

The sports involved are Miniball, Basketball, Netball, Rugby and Futsal.

Miniball, Basketball, Futsal and Netball will be played in the Edgar Centre.

Rugby will be played at Kettle Park.

The tournament starts and finishes for ALL students at the Edgar Centre.

ALL students are to meet in the Lion Foundation arena at the Edgar Centre at 8.45am.

Food and Drink:

Students will need to make sure that they have plenty of food and drink for the day as no students will be allowed to leave the Edgar Centre. A basic canteen will be operating at the Edgar Centre.


All students must wear their full and correct school uniform to the Edgar Centre in the morning. They are to play in their Kavanagh P.E uniforms for Futsal, Rugby teams have jerseys provided and all netball and basketball players have uniforms.

They will also be required to change back into full school uniform for the prize-giving at the end of the day.

Students will need their individual playing uniform (correct uniform items only) and warm clothes for between games.

Rugby players should ensure they have plenty of warm clothing, a jacket, and possibly towels, in case of wet and cold weather.


There is no cost to students.

Draw booklet is attached.