By Jill Armstrong | Posted: Wednesday June 13, 2018

DairyNZ Invitation

Students have been invited to attend a session at the Techniv8 Conference (South Island Dairy event) being held in Dunedin Town Hall on June 25th. They will see new technological and innovative concepts within the Dairying sector and beyond. Many of these new technologies will shape not just how we work, but how we live in the future. The session will also facilitate networking with sponsors to discuss ideas and further investigate potential career and training opportunities within the Dairy sector. We will also watch live streaming of Ian Taylor – Founder of Animation Research Limited ( and Kaila Colbin cofounder and chair of the Ministry of Awesome. (

Year 10 Economics

Two classes have started the Growing NZ Innovation Challenge. It requires students to use investigative research and practical knowledge to design and prototype a solution to a challenge. Some of the challenges are: Novel product from a new crop; Protection from pests; On-farm biosecurity; Forestry traceability; Keeping cows cool, Irrigation efficiency; Creating value from an existing product; Pasture damage, Silage leaching, Water scarcity, Careers and capability; and Animal condition. The students will use a range of existing and emerging technologies as part of their solution eg. Artificial intelligence, Smart things, Virtual reality, 3D printing etc… 

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